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We're delighted to partner with the following hotels for your accommodation needs:

Why event organizers and event venues choose Time to Momo

Time and energy savings

Spare yourself the effort and time it takes to hunt down various available hotel rooms and rates for your attendees. Just provide event details, and we'll send you a custom-made map of available hotels, designed exclusively for your event. Offering attendees a clear overview of hotel options has never been easier.

No extra fees, just extra earnings

Creating a hotel map for your event doesn't cost you a penny. When guests book a hotel room through your page, we receive a modest 10% fee on the total amount. And the best part? We're giving 30% of that fee back to you.

The success of our partnership depends on your active promotion of the link and hotel offerings.

User-friendly booking

Our exclusive and secure link effortlessly directs your attendees to a comprehensive city map.

This enables them to easily view the list of available hotels and their proximity to the venue. If preferred, the map can also display locations for drinks or dinner. This makes booking a hotel quick and easy!

Sustainable collaboration

We're a company on a mission. Our top priority is to bring the personal touch back to the travel industry. This includes hoteliers paying us a fair fee and our commitment to building lasting, sustainable partnerships with our associates.

Are you in?

Request a custom-made hotel map for your event

Here's how it works:

Share the essential event information with us - it'll only take you about 5 minutes.


We'll take it from there, using the information you've provided.


In just 3 business days, you'll receive the unique link to your custom-made hotel map in your inbox.


Promote this link to your (potential) attendees. We can provide ready-made promotional text and visuals to help you out.

What event organizers are saying

Time to Momo offers me the perfect solution to provide conference attendees and speakers with a quick, hassle-free way to book a hotel room. It's all about ensuring their comfort and providing a high level of hospitality.

— Nicole
BlueBox Events - Event Architect

Working with Time to Momo (formerly Moonback) was very easy and enjoyable. They were always responsive and helpful with everything we needed.

— Trayana
Eurosteel2023 - Organizing Committee

Working with Time to Momo was a nice experience. They were always willing to help make our event more successful.

— Ricardo
TU Delft - Organizing Committee

Frequently Asked Questions

Certainly! We'd be delighted to create a hotel map with your venue at the heart of it, showcasing hotels and their proximity to your venue. We do request that you actively promote the link to your attendees. Make sure it's prominently displayed on your website and consider including it in confirmation emails to your attendees.

When we create the hotel map for you, we'll also provide you with a promotional package, complete with text and visuals to assist you in promoting the hotel map to your attendees.

Time to Momo Events was established in 2022 in response to a request from the industry: could we help make organizing hotel stays more straightforward? The primary challenge was the time-consuming process of coordinating a variety of available hotel rooms and rates. Those challenges are now a thing of the past. We now collaborate with Convention Bureaus, hotel associations, and event venues in several cities.

We're enthusiastic about collaborating with event organizers, event venues, Convention Bureaus, and hotel associations. If you don't fit into these categories but you do see potential for a sustainable partnership, please contact us at

Our team invests their time and effort into creating the best custom-made hotel maps because we believe in sustainable partnerships. Through our collaboration with you, we might reach a new audience of bookers that we wouldn't otherwise have connected with. We consider that a win-win! :)