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Jordaan & Negen Straatjes

" On Sunday morning, when the city feels more like a village, a walk through the Jordaan is a wonderful start to the day. "

Mirte Vreemann, our local from time to momo Amsterdam

The Jordaan was constructed in 1612 for workers and immigrants. In the 1970s the municipality began extensive renovations, and the area has since transformed from a working-class neighborhood into one of the most desirable districts of the city. Despite ongoing gentrification, there is still plenty of down-to-earth fun to be had here. For an evening of sentimental hits, head to Café Nol on the Westerstraat, where the good old days are far from forgotten. The Negen Straatjes have also become a must-see for any Amsterdam visitor. And not without reason—the area is lined with unique boutiques, delicatessens, home decor stores, and lovely cafés.


Negen Straatjes
Anne Frank Huis

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Routes going through Jordaan & Negen Straatjes

Jordaan & Negen Straatjes

  • The perfect walk if you like shopping
  • An area with an authentic small-town feel
  • Lots of cozy, traditional Amsterdam pubs
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  • Must-see sights for first-time visitors
  • A walk with surprising variations
  • Perfect for drinks and people watching at a bar or sidewalk cafĂ©
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Our favourite hotels in Jordaan & Negen Straatjes

These are the best hotels, specially selected for you by Mirte Vreemann, time to momo Amsterdam local.
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