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Prenzlauer Berg

" The place to go if you're traveling with kids: There are children's playgrounds and sidewalk cafés on virtually every corner. "

Lars Smits, our local from time to momo Berlin

When the Wall fell, Prenzlauer Berg was a run-down working-class neighborhood that had been neglected since World War II. At the time, it attracted mainly artists and students, who flocked there from near and far. Nowadays, it is noticeably the most fertile neighborhood of Berlin, jokingly referred to as "Pregnancy Berg." 

The area is home to many playgrounds and parks, has plenty of good restaurants, cafés, family-friendly shops, and more farmers markets than any other part of Berlin. Mauerpark is one of the main attractions. Especially on Sundays, when it fills up with street performers and hosts the most popular flea market of Berlin. 


The farmers markets at Kollwitzplatz
Sidewalk cafés around Helmholzplatz

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We already picked out the best routes en hotels for you!

Routes going through Prenzlauer Berg

Prenzlauer Berg

  • Interesting walk if you have visited Berlin before
  • Great on a Sunday because of the many markets
  • Walk with many different international restaurants along the way
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Our favourite hotels in Prenzlauer Berg

These are the best hotels, specially selected for you by Lars Smits, time to momo Berlin local.
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Gorki Apartments

  • Guest accommodation
Unique apartments, including two penthouses, located on the street with the most restaurants per capita in Prenzlauer Berg.
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Berlin Base Apartments

  • Apartment
Five incredible apartments, located in the north of Prenzlauer Berg. The location is a little further away from the city center, but almost all the apartments come with their own rooftop...
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  • Apartment
Amazing atmosphere thanks to the mix of modern and antique furniture. This hotel in Prenzlauer Berg also has a lovely café where you can have Splitterbrötchen for breakfast.
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From 72

Adele Designhotel

  • Hotel
This former residential building in Prenzlauerberg was transformed into a lovely little hotel. Located right in front of Volkspark Friedrichshain.
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From 18

Pfefferbett Hostel

  • Hostel
This lovely hostel is located in the former Pfefferberg Brewery in Prenzlauer Berg. The building also hosts several galleries, a biergarten and a club.
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From 11

Lette’m Sleep Berlin

  • Hostel
Cheap hostel with both rooms and dormitories, perfectly located at Helmholzplatz, one of the nicest squares in Prenzlauer Berg.
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From 119

Ackselhaus & Blue Home

  • Guest accommodation
Cozy apartment hotel in an old, distinctly Prenzlauer Berg building. Take a break next to the fountain in the hotel’s Mediterranean backyard.
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From 56

Schoenhouse Apartments

  • Apartment
Well-equipped apartments that feel like home. The apartments can be found in two different locations in Prenzlauer Berg.
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From 101

Brilliant Apartments

  • Guest accommodation
Bright apartments on a lively street in Prenzlauer Berg. The apartments have their own kitchenettes, but you can also grab breakfast at café Krone on the ground floor.
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From 63

StadtRaum-Berlin Apartments

  • Apartment
Tastefully decorated apartments named after Hollywood legends. The apartments can be found in various locations around Prenzlauer Berg.
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