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" For peace and quiet, come to Testaccio. You can enjoy typical Roman food here, and there's even a pyramid. "

Maud Nolte, our local from time to momo Rome

The working-class Testaccio neighborhood holds several surprise attractions, including an antique pyramid and a hill constructed from Roman potsherds. Famed poets Keats and Shelley lie buried at the protestant cemetery, and the museum of modern art is located in a former slaughterhouse. The original residents who worked here were often paid in part with undesirable cuts of meat: offal, heads, and tails. To make this meat palatable, housewives had to be innovative and creative. This is where many typical Roman dishes stem from, such as coda alla vaccinara (braised oxtail). After dinner you can go dancing in one of the many nightclubs.


Mercato di Testaccio
Cimitero Acattolico
Monte Testaccio

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Roman Forum, Aventine Hill & Testaccio

  • Essential archaeological excavations on the Palatine Hill and at the Roman Forum
  • Climb the Aventine Hill for a peaceful view and more
  • Great introduction to ancient Rome and modern Roman cuisine
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