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Vatican & Prati

" The Vatican is a must-see for everyone. Prati is a posh neighborhood—great for shopping, and with some wonderful sights as well. "

Maud Nolte, our local from time to momo Rome

The Vatican is an autonomous state in the middle of Rome. With just 800 inhabitants, this is the least populated country in the world, but the sheer quantity of its art treasures
makes up for this lack of residents. Much of the art is on display at at the Musei Vaticani and Basilica di San Pietro (St. Peter's Basilica).

The Prati neighborhood is posh and upscale, with stately apartment blocks lining straight streets. Via Cola di Rienzo is great for shopping. You'll find the impressive Palazzo di Giustizia on Piazza Cavour. Almost adjacent lies Castel Sant’Angelo.
Bernini’s angels on the Ponte Sant’Angelo guide visitors across the Tiber River.


Basilica di San Pietro  
Musei Vaticani
Capella Sistina
Castel Sant’Angelo
Via Cola di Rienzo

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Vatican, Prati & Piazza Navona

  • Perfect for first-time visitors
  • Varied walk, featuring art, religion, shops and restaurants
  • Your ticket for the Vatican museums is valid all day
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