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mo’media, an independent and innovative publisher, was founded in the Netherlands in 1997. The travel, culinary and leisure books published by mo’media distinguish themselves because of their attractive design, contemporary photography, stylish use of colour and user friendliness.

mo’media is the publisher of the successful 100% travel guide series. More information about the 100% series can be found below. If you are interested in rights of the 100% travel guides you can contact:

René Bego
010-303 1248
Postbus 359
3000 AJ Rotterdam
The Netherlands



Since the advent of low cost flights across Europe much has changed in the travel industry. More and more people are taking shorter and more frequent trips abroad. A new kind of traveller with very specific needs has emerged. This new target group expects to be able to find their way around a new city quickly and easily. They’ll often read up on their destination only at the last moment. Nevertheless, they do not want to only see clichéd images offered up to tourists, but to experience the authenticity of the city as lived by the locals. This is the target group for which the 100% travel guides have been created.



The 100% travel guides are practical guides, in which one can find a mass of information quickly and easily. The 100% guides cover all the highlights that one would not want to miss along with special addresses for sleeping, dining, sightseeing and shopping. Places that even the most experienced tourist would not locate.

The 100% travel guides are unique in the market of travel guides as each guide is written by one or more authors who have been living in the city or region concerned for several years and therefore can track down the best and most beautiful spots for a holiday break.

The combination of the hidden gems and the touristic highlights is a unique feature that distinguishes the 100% travel guides in the market. The 100% brand consists out of two product lines: city and region guides.



In the 100% city guides each city is divided into three (smaller cities) or six districts. Each chapter starts with an introduction about the district followed by descriptions of what you can do in that district: tourist highlights, addresses to drink and dine, for shopping or simply to relax.

Each address is tagged with a number that can be found on the map at the end of the chapter. The tag’s colour indicates the type of address it is: places of interest, food & drinks, shopping or fun things to do. With the address descriptions and the map, it’s easy for the reader to explore the city on their own.

But each chapter also includes a walk of about three hours that takes the reader to all the addresses. Furthermore, the city guide contains general information about transportation, hotels, going out and other interesting places not covered in the district chapters.

A handy removable map of the city centre completes the 100% city guide.

• Unique addresses in combination with highlights
• Clear maps with city walks
• Compiled by an author who lives in that specific city
• Convenient size
• Handy removable city map

Consumer price
€ 14,95 (six walks) & € 12,95 (three walks)



In spring 2009, the first 100% region guides were launched. The region guides are made using the same successful principles of combining touristic highlights with special addresses but now covering an entire region.

The region guides are ideal for a short break but also contain enough information for a longer vacation. With the clear maps and navigation software included, the reader is able to discover small authentic villages, drive along the most beautiful routes and arrive at special accommodations without getting lost!

• Unique addresses in combination with highlights
• Compiled by authors who live in the region concerned
• Including cd-rom with navigation software
• Removable road map
• Removable (theme) walks through city and nature

Consumer price
€ 24,95



In fall 2010 the first 100% mobile city guides have been released for the iPhone and Android-smartphones. These mobile guides contain the high quality addresses of the printed guides along with some unique features for mobile devices such as location based information.

In spring 2011 the 100% internet portal went live.



In the very competitive travel guide market 100% has conquered a solid position. Since the launch of the first 100% city guides in 2003 the series is now market leader in The Netherlands as well as in Belgium.



The license to publish the 100% travel guides has been sold to the Norwegian publisher Aschehoug and the French publisher Blay Foldex/Berlitz who have succesfully launched the 100% series in Norway and France.

If you are also interested in the rights of the 100% series, please contact René Bego – – +31 10-303 1248 mo’media – Postbus 359 – 3000 AJ Rotterdam- The Netherlands