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There is always something new to discover in Copenhagen. The summer season is pure enjoyment, with everyone in top spirits.

As an art and culture lover, you'll get your fill in Copenhagen. But if you like good food, the city is also a feast. As the capital of one of the happiest countries in the world, Copenhagen is bursting with art and culture. You can shop endlessly, take long walks and relax in the many parks, party for hours and go cycling. Each neighbourhood has its own unique characteristics and everywhere you will find boutiques full of Danish design, cosy eateries, cocktail bars and lots of good restaurants.

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Looking for the best highlights, museums and local hotspots to eat, drink, shop and stay? Discover my favourite tips on the map.

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Where can you find The Little Mermaid? And where can you shop well? Discover Copenhagen's best neighbourhoods below!

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Don't feel like spending hours searching for the perfect hotel and still be sure you're in the right place? We have selected only the finest from the multitude of hotels and B&Bs in Copenhagen.

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