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" Rome has much more to offer than just the Colosseum. Follow me to secluded courtyards, little-known pizzerias and trendy bars. "

Maud Nolte, our local from time to momo Rome

According to legend, Rome was built in 753 B.C., and almost 2,800 year later, the city has developed a modern vibe. Ancient theaters found new life as restaurants, and workers’ districts are now hip yuppie neighborhoods. The Colosseum, Foro Romano, Vatican, and Spanish Steps are just a few of the monuments that support Rome’s status as “the Eternal City.” Every street corner provides an opportunity to explore a different era, and in between all that history is the here and now: strong Italian coffee, ice cream in every imaginable flavor, wine and pasta, and hidden-away independent businesses. Follow us and we’ll unveil all of Rome’s secrets!

Momo Top 5

Walking through ancient Rome
Hiking to the top of the Cupola di San Pietro
Drinking wine in Monti
Tossing a coin into the Trevi Fountain

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