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" Legend has it that Garbatella was the nickname of an extraordinarily well-mannered landlady, who ran her inn here. "

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Garbatella is a working-class neighborhood that was built in the 1920s to provide housing for the employees of the nearby port. Ironically, the intended residents ended up never living here, because by the time construction was finally completed, around 1930, the harbor had become obsolete and started to fall into disrepair.

This area is known for its unusual winding streets. Its architects were said to be inspired by the elegant round shapes of historical Roman buildings, such as the Colosseum. According to legend, Garbatella was the nickname of an extraordinarily well-mannered (garbata) landlady, who ran her inn here.


La Maisonnette Bistrot
Casetta Rossa
Dar Moschino
Enoteca La Mescita
L’Acino Brillo

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